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I cannot WAIT to tell you all about the fantastic bundle we’ve put together for active AND aspiring authors alike. It’s got literally thousands of dollars of amazing courses, books, tools, coupons, and services in it, and you can access all of it at a 99% discount!

Crazy right?

But first, just a little more about who we are, and why you’ll want to not only grab this bundle to help you advance your dreams of becoming a successful author (or more successful author), but be part of the GiveGrow MOVEMENT

About GiveGrow

GiveGrow is all about helping you grow as a person, being the best you can be during your time on this earth, and thus making a big impact in the things you do.

But what makes us different is the GIVE part of the GiveGrow name... 

In the GiveGrow community, we encourage you to work hard to achieve personal growth and live up to your full potential. But we also encourage you to reach out a hand to help SOMEONE ELSE improve their lives as well!

And that's why we have chosen to donate--not a measly 1 or 2 percent of our proceeds just to pull at your heartstrings while padding our profits--but 25% of every penny that is collected at GiveGrow, and GIVE that to a charity focused on helping those in the most urgent and dire need.

This means we're also very sensitive to the financial inequality that exists in the world, and we want to help EVERYONE, regardless of their income.

So that's why we not only donate a huge percentage of our earnings to those in need, but we also don't "sell" any of our bundles, books, or products. Everything on the site is done by donation only.

In other words...

You Give You Grow

The Ultimate Bundle of Author Tools and Resources

We’ve spent months compiling The Indie Author SuperBundle, and it absolutely lives up to its name.

There are over 30 books, courses, services, tools, and coupons available with a total value of close to $5,000!

This isn’t your usual pack of watered down sales pitches disguised as “eBooks.” This is SO much more.

The Superbundle is full of premium content, and unlike any other bundle you may have encountered in the past, this bundle includes amazing done-for-you services.

You’ll get a FREE custom book cover design, you’ll have an ad campaign created and managed for your bestselling book for a whole month, you’ll get a free book promotion on one of the most notable book promotion sites, and more.

Before I get too far ahead of myself though, let me break down EXACTLY what is included in the SuperBundle in detail…

eBooks & CouponS

the CouponS

Is that an awesome bundle or what?!

Make a Donation and It’s All Yours!

You get ALL of this for a simple donation of your choosing! The suggested donation is $50, but if you are under tremendous financial strain and can’t afford that, you can donate as little as $20 (the minimum donation) and still access all the great materials that more than 30 authorities and experts worked so hard to create.

Give $100 or more and you’ll get access to my Serious Email List Building for Authors eCourse. Everyone agrees that a large, quality email list is the greatest marketing tool an author can possibly possess. I’ve built a list of over 300,000 email subscribers in less than 4 years using a variety of methods, and I reveal all of the top tactics in my course. You’ll also have direct access to ask me any questions you like in the course comments. I personally respond to EVERY one!

And, for the 20 most generous donators, you’ll get an awesome bonus! It’s the 5 Day Book Proposal Course from Publishizer. You'll get quick and easy steps that help you write a compelling book proposal in less than a week! ($199 value)

Last but not least, for whoever makes the largest donation, GiveGrow will give an additional $100 to this event’s charity on your behalf.

25% of Your Donation Goes to Charity!

25% of all the revenue from this event will go to Pencils of Promise, an organization that builds schools in extremely impoverished areas in Ghana, Guatemala, and Laos.

Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world. Education is the keystone that reduces poverty, empowers women, and helps prevent disease.

Pencils of Promise has already brought education to 74,503 students worldwide, but there are still hundreds of millions of children without access to basic education, and YOU can bring education to more of them with your donation today…

All while supporting the extremely generous and hardworking contributors to the Superbundle and giving yourself an amazing gift worth nearly $5,000!

You would be CRAZY not to jump at this opportunity, right?

To Summarize…

To recap, the Superbundle includes more than 30 powerful books, courses, coupons, and services that can accelerate your success as an author, and you can access it all right now by donating $20 or more, 25% of which will go to Pencils of Promise to help build schools for some of the poorest children in the world.

The suggested donation is $50.

Give $100 or more and you’ll get access to my Serious Email List Building for Authors eCourse.

Our top 20 donators will receive an exclusive gift worth an additional $199.

And our top donator will have an additional $100 donated to Pencils of Promise by us!

To access the bundle now, simply scroll down, and click the Donate button below, please edit the price to your desired donation amount, and complete checkout.

When you’re done, share this page with every author or aspiring author you know, and hurry as the Superbundle is only available through midnight pacific time on April 6, 2018.

Enjoy the bundle, and welcome to GiveGrow!

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